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Juvederm is one the newest injectable fillers, FDA approved in June 2006 for use in filling in the naso-labial folds areas of the face. It is composed of a synthetically-modified version of a naturally-occurring compound called Hyaluronic acid (HA). Hyaluronic acid is a large molecule consisting of repeated Sugar (carbohydrate) molecule units, which have electrical charges that attract water molecules. It is normally found in skin, helping to maintain skin hydration and volume, and is the major biochemical component of the fluid found in the joints. The chemical nature of the charged sugar molecules, allows HA to attract and bind water molecules, perhaps 1000 times in their own weight in water molecules. HA has a short half-life in the body and it is quickly broken down and resorbed. Chemical modification makes HA very resistant to being broken down. This explains its normal role in young healthy skin, and why skin properties change as the amount of HA in skin declines with age.

Juvederm is an excellent choice for usage in the face. It can be applied quickly in a matter of minutes, and the results are immediate. It is safe and effective, and has very low potential of provoking an immunological reaction when injected . Filler substances like silicone can cause such reactions. Bovine collagen which is purified from another species (cow) can do the same. The effect of the compatibility with the body is a reduction in risk of complications when using Juvederm.

The smooth gel-like consistency of Juvederm makes it ideal for facial contouring and makes it feel more like soft tissue rather than foreign substance. Its affinity for binding water repeating ‘sugar’ units allows for the continuation of the fill even after the product is delivered to the corrective site. It can also be used for the enhancement of thin lips and plumping lips. It may also be used in filling in hollow places severe lipoatrophy resulting from medical conditions (lupus, diabetes, HIV) as well as scars and surgical incisions of the face. It usually lasts for approximately 12 months or longer before it is resorbed by the body.

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