Pageant Preparation in OKC

When Perfection Counts...

It is that one moment or series of moments when everything has to be ‘perfect’. The hair, the makeup, the physique, the walk, the articulation and the talent have to be ‘en-pointe’. There is no room for even the slightest error. It has to be perfect because the other 50 contestants with whom you compete will be nearly perfect.

BodyTrends understands this need better than any other Medical spa in America. We are Official Sponsor for a number of State and National Pageants. We have placed 10 Women at the top of state and national beauty and scholarship pageant competitions. Our clients consistently sweep preliminary and overall swimsuit winner awards at local and state pageants. BodyTrends clients have the bodies that get noticed. The other competitors will fear you. We know we can get you to where you need to be. In as little as 2 weeks, we can alter your swimsuit physique. With more time, we can make your figure legendary.

In essence, your pageant win will be decided on the basis of how well you interview and your talent, because your body will be nothing short of perfect.

Our technologies are geared towards re-designing and enhancing your physique non –surgically, with the specific intent of getting the judges attention and keeping the focus on you. We use medical weight loss to reduce pounds, our VIP system to sculpt, ‘6-pack’, lift and tone, our Lasers to melt fat and cellulite, and to reduce inches, and our Skin- tightening lasers and related technology to make your skin “banjo-tight”. Your treatment will be customized for your specific body type, dimensions and physiques.

We also provide consultation with a personal trainer during your treatment. Joey Codner, Bodybuilding Champion and trainer to many who have gone on to win BodyBuilding State titles and Ms. Fitness Oklahoma titles, works closely with BodyTrends. Currently, Joey Codner’s clients have won the swimsuit awards in Miss Oklahoma and Miss Oklahoma USA simultaneously.

We have on staff, estheticians, hair stylists, nail technicians and makeup artists who have lended their talent and skill to past and present prospective titleholders and pageant winners. BodyTrends is also home to the Leigh Thompson Photography Studio. Leigh is the Official photographer of the Miss Oklahoma Scholarship Pageant. He prepares pictures of Miss Oklahoma for submission to the Miss America judging panel. He has photographed several former Miss Americas, Miss Oklahomas and Pageant hopefuls. Leigh Thompson’s Pageant photography is Iconic. Leigh Thompson will bring out the best in you on film.

We also have contacts with top pageant gown designers like Sherri Hill, Kara Hill Hall and Johnathan Kayne of Project Runway. They are also BodyTrends clients.

We can develop treatment programs and packages for out-of-state clients to minimize travel.

Call us today at (405) 759-7524 to Speak with our Pageant Prep Coordinator, Stacey Neuhauser, to arrange your Custom Consultation and to begin on the road to victory. You may Contact us here, for additional information.


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