Pixel Laser Skin Rejuvenation in OKC

Why can’t I have beautiful skin like all the Hollywood stars? Why does my skin look older than what it should? Can I do anything about my wrinkles without having a face lift?

These are quite possibly questions that you have asked yourself. Everyone wants young-looking, beautiful, radiant skin. Aging, sun exposure, heredity and lifestyle choices (including nutrition, alcohol, smoking) all play a role in how rapidly or slowly our skin ages and how healthy our skin appears. A number of our clients at BodyTrends with ‘perfect’ skin will tell you their secret to fabulous and flawless skin: Avoiding excessive sun exposure and tanning, a healthy diet with adequate building blocks (protein) and co-factors (Vitamin C, E, A, and Zinc), and various regimens of skin care.

In Oklahoma City Laser Skin rejuvenation has become an important tool in reversing the effects of aging and the environment, as well as those life-style choices which impact negatively on the appearance of the skin. It gives you the chance at having the good skin you have always wanted. Getting the skin back to a set point where it appears younger, feels smoother, and looks healthier, makes it possible to almost reverse the hands-of-time.

What is the Pixel Laser?

Pixel is a new FDA approved Laser based skin resurfacing procedure utilizing ablative fractional technology to enhance the appearance and texture of skin. Pixel involves an Erbium-YAG laser, which can be applied to the skin of the face and neck as well as any other area of skin on the body, including the shoulders chest, hands or back. The effect of Pixel is to tighten the skin, to reduce or remove the appearance of discoloration, to decrease pore size, and improve scarring such as that due to keloids and to acne. Patients also report improvement in skin condition such as acne, stretch marks, and inflammation due to ingrown hair (folliculitis), and in dry or oily skin.

With each stack of the hand piece of the Pixel Laser, a tiny ‘pixelated’ pattern of ablation is produced on a fractional area the skin by the laser. With the Pixel laser, 65% of the area treated remains “as is” untreated around the Pixel Therapy treated areas. The treated area is similar to a microscopic waffle pattern, with the waffle indentation areas representing the areas of ablation by the laser. The non-indented areas of the “waffle” represent zones that are untouched by the laser. These untouched areas serve as a reservoir for normal skin cells (fibroblasts) growth factors and connective tissue elements which promote the rapid repair of the injury zone of the newly lasered skin. New epidermis begins to appear in the treatments zones with in 24 hours. With passes of the laser handpiece, the skin is treated pixel by pixel or spot by spot until the areas of concern are completely treated.

In so doing, the ‘downtime’ that would be associated with procedures that involve the non-fractional or total ablation is minimized.

How the Pixel Laser facilitates Skin Rejuvenation

The skin resurfacing effect occurs with several passes of the laser over the affected skin to remove damaged outer layers of the epidermis, and through the heat the laser imparts, to stimulate the production of collagen and new skin cells in the underlying connective tissue layer of skin. The new layer of collagen allows the dermis layer of connective tissue to become thicker. The chemical cross-linking of the collagen fibrils, a part of the collagen remodeling process, permits a contraction phenomenon, which on a macroscopic level leads to skin tightening.

Eliminating the epidermal areas of dense pigment, as which occurs in sun spots, allows its replacement with areas of normal and consistent pigment density. In summary, the natural healing process creates new, healthy and tighter skin to replace the problematic aging skin.

Does the Pixel Laser help with Stretch Marks?

Absolutely. At BodyTrends, we have had great success in improving the appearance of stretch marks using Pixel. Clearly, stretch marks are one of the most challenging problem in aesthetic medicine and in pastic surgery. The response of the stretch marks by Pixel will depend on the age of the stretch mark, the color, the size and the number. Multiple treatments are required to give the areas the best chance for improvement.

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