What is BodyTrends?

You may have never heard of BodyTrends, The ElectroSpa. But, I am sure that you have seen our �work�. For most people, it may have been the nationally-televised Miss USA pageant this year where we may have made our first impression. Preceding one of the segments, host Joan Rivers remarked to her daughter Melissa, how much she �liked� Miss Oklahoma USA�s and Miss Kansas USA�s �toned body, tight skin and great Abs�. In the audience, we would have missed that moment had it not been for the text messages that immediately flood my phone. All of the texts were essentially the same: �Joan Rivers was just talking about your �girls��. It amazed us that out of 52 women from across the country, the host had coincidentally related the only two who were clients of the Med Spa BodyTrends, The ElectroSpa of Oklahoma City, the Center for Non-Surgical Body & Facial Re-Design.

In the months since Morgan Woolard�s (Miss Oklahoma USA) triumph as 1st Runner-up at Miss USA, several other BodyTrends clients have won state titles or placed in the Top 5 of national pageants. One client of BodyTrends Salon, Lacey Russ Cordell is the New Miss America Outstanding Teen, the teen version of Miss America.

You may wonder what BodyTrends contributes to the success of these clients and how it relates to you.

BodyTrends is Body & Facial Re-Design without Surgery

Despite the success we have had with our clients in the pageant world, our primary mission is to help people who may not be 20-years old with high metabolism and great �genetics� and close to being perfect. Our mission is to enhance and facilitate changes in the faces and physiques of regular women and men, battling the very normal problems that people have with regard to appearance (weight, loose skin, stretch marks, cellulite, brown red spots, excess hair)__ people, who, despite not being in any competition, want to look their best and feel good about the way they look. BodyTrends employs the latest in non-surgical technology to automate, simplify, and accelerate the process of weight loss, inch loss, fat reduction, skin tightening, muscle toning, and muscle lifting, obviating the need for the gym or the cosmetic surgeon.

Technology & Services at BodyTrends

Our Equipment

The VIP System is BodyTrends� exclusive technology which is based on E-Stim (electrical Stimulation) that slims and tones muscles without the sweat and effort that a gym requires.

Zerona Laser
Zerona is the first FDA-approved fat-melting laser, available exclusively in South OKC at BodyTrends. With six, painless 40-minutes sessions in a 2 week period, 4 to 10 inches is routinely lost from the body.

Accent XL
Accent is the FDA cleared radio-frequency based laser-like device that can produce fat-melting and can result in tightening of loose skin on the face or body which is analogous to liposuction, tummy tuck or face lift.

PIXEL Laser skin resurfacing is a procedure similar to what the chemical peel does whereby skin is restored to rejuvenated and youthful � appearing skin. The skin may be tightened, thickened, less oily, with improved evenness in complexion and tone.

The HCG Diet & Weight Loss Medication
The HCG Diet is a medically-supervised rapid weight loss program offered at BodyTrends, a weight loss of up to 40 lbs in about 40 days. Weight loss medications such as Adipex/Phentermine and Bontril can also be used.

GentleLase Laser Hair Removal
GentleLase Laser Hair is one of BodyTrends� most popular services. Unlike hair removal by electrolysis, laser hair removal is quick and does not leave a scar.

Microderm is a cosmetic procedure which involves removal of the superficial layer of dead skin, the result is to improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and pores,

Botox & Juvederm/Radiesse Fillers
Botox is a substance which when injected in to specific facial muscles relaxes wrinkles and makes the face appear more youthful. Fillers are bio-compatible substances which when injected can enhance the way the face appears.

Estheticians, Cosmetics & Skin Care
Our estheticians, facialists, make-up artists, sugaring specialist, eyelash extensionists will spoil and beautify. We use MOTIVES Cosmetics and Toni & Guy to create natural or glamorous looks for all seasons and occasions. We use Dr. RENAUD�Paris as our preferred Skin Care lines to address everything from aging skin to acne and oily and dry skin.

Hair Salon
At BodyTrends, we call this our �Finishing School�. We have 6 notable area stylists whose clientele ranges from former Miss Americas and prominent Oklahomans and their families. Our stylists are trained in the latesr hair technology, products and styles. Whether you need cut, color shampoo, perm, styling, updo, extensions, keratin smoothing, our stylist can help you.

Leigh Thompson Photography Studio
When we finish with you, our acclaimed photographer, Leigh Thompson, will immortalize your look on film as he has done for past Miss Americas and Miss Oklahomas. Leigh is the Official photographer of the Miss Oklahoma Pageant, and is the photographer who prepares Miss Oklahoma�s pictures for review by the Miss America judges. BodyTrends is proud to be the home of the Leigh Thompson Photography studio.

Now THREE Locations To Serve You!

Come visit BodyTrends at either of our two Oklahoma City locations or our newest Location in Tulsa. Visit us on Facebook and Twitter. Our goal is not only to make you not only look like a winner, but to make you feel like one too.

Dr. Harvey Jenkins is a Harvard-trained Orthopedist & Spine specialist, practicing in South Oklahoma City. He is a Wellness Blogger and is also Owner and Medical Director of BodyTrends, the ElectroSpa in OKC and Tulsa. For more info or questions contact Dr Jenkins at BodyTrends.


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